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Dunn D - The Pelican L.P (CD)

All Songs & Lyrics Written & Performed Exclusively by: Mick "Dunn D" Heath.

Additional Lyrics & Performances by: Andrew Greeley, Fluence, & Manaz Ill.

Executive Studio Producer & Recording Engineer:
Grant Rockwood @ Rockwood Productions, Hobart, Van Dieman's Land.

Executive Beat Production by: DaVinci
Additional Beat Production by: MDUSU

Mastering by: Joe Carra @ Crystal Mastering, Melbourne.

All album artwork and design: Rory Highside.

Dunn D - The Pelican L.P (Tracks) Stereo CD

1. Down To Roll
2. Soldier On
3. Where I'm From
4. Neck Up Ya Parrot's (feat: Fluence)
5. La La La La La La
6. Then It Drop (feat: Manaz Ill)
7. Pelican Freez
8. Line In The Sand
9. Walking Backwards
10. WWWK
11. The Hustle
12. Just To Say
13. Game Time (feat: Greeley)
14. Outro